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At Paradise Garage, we offer a great range of vehicle servicing options for our discerning customers. We will be happy to provide a quote or provide any further information you may require.
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Making your car more efficient

Another big benefit of an annual service is the improvement you’ll notice in fuel economy. You can literally drive further for less! Lastly, it’s well documented that cars whose owners look after them with annual services need less maintenance and go longer between unpleasant repairs. What more do you want?

Book your annual service with Paradise Garage in Knutsford.

Tailor-made services

We have tailor made vehicle servicing to suit your pocket and your vehicle needs. Choose your service from:

1. Oil And Filter Change

Probably the most important thing when looking after your car is regular oil and filter changes and these are included in all services.
It ensures that your car continues to run smoothly and protects the parts within the engine.

2. Short / Interim Service

When we do an interim service it includes an oil and filter change and visual inspection.
We also check the fluids in the washer, brake fluid, anti-freeze, steering fluid.
We also check the brakes and other guidelines so we can inform you of any additional work your car may need.

3. Premium Full Service

Our full service includes the basic service plus further checks as per an MOT to ensure the car is in a safe condition.
We will advise you if the car is in need of any further repair work

4. Manufacturer’s specific Service

A manufacturer service, confirmed at the point of booking, should be bespoke to your car. It should include all wear/service/maintenance items your car need.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

We are always on hand to help.

All Makes and models serviced and repaired

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